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Business Summary Carbonsync® Carbon Credits

Carbonsync® is a pioneering carbon brokerage firm specializing in the creation and sale of carbon credits directly to consumers online. Our unique offering revolves around the creation of carbon credits that are valid for one year, leveraging cutting-edge satellite data technology to account for carbon stored in private property trees.

Here’s how our business model works:

  1. Carbon Credit Creation: We partner with private property owners who have significant carbon storage in their trees. Through leasing agreements, we create carbon credits based on the amount of carbon stored and verified through satellite data.
  2. Satellite Data Accounting: Our use of satellite data ensures accurate and transparent accounting of carbon stored in trees. This technology allows us to provide reliable and credible carbon credits to our customers.
  3. Online Sales: Our carbon credits are sold directly to consumers through our online platform. Customers can easily purchase credits to offset their carbon footprint and contribute to environmental conservation efforts.
  4. One-Year Validity: Each carbon credit is valid for one year from the date of purchase. This time-limited validity encourages regular participation in carbon offsetting activities, driving sustainability and environmental impact.

By combining innovative technology, strategic partnerships, and a user-friendly online interface, Carbonsync® aims to make carbon offsetting accessible, efficient, and impactful for individuals and businesses alike. Join us in our mission to create a greener, more sustainable future.

CarbonSync®  brand is the property of Sustainable Urban Forest Services Ltd. We are located in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia. 

Our story

CarbonSync®  was started in 2007 by Brad Major, on a forested property in North Delta, British Columbia. The property was nicknamed the “Major Compound” as it consisted of a 3 acre urban forest oasis. The habitat had been degraded due to poor water main infrastructure but the forest was regenerating itself. The forest was  beautiful! The site was located on the banks of the Fraser River. 

Unfortunately, a new highway called the South Fraser perimeter road was planned to go through the property. CarbonSync®  was born by the realization of the the value of the forest. Carbon Credits! Our family was forced to moved, the property expropriated. All the trees that we planted in our first carbon credit project were paved over.

As the times change, we adapt.  We are working to conserve more forests, create and sell more carbon credits, and clean more air. 


For more information about CarbonSync® , please see the following videos.

The South Fraser Perimeter Road

Our Products

CarbonSync®  produces the following goods and services. We always look for better ways to satisfy you!


CarbonSync®  goods include:

  • Trees
  • Lumber
  • Firewood
  • Wood products
    • Bedroom furniture
    • Computer furniture
    • Dining room furniture
    • Living room furniture
    • Outdoor furniture
    • Patio furniture
    • Office Furniture
    • Structural wood beams and wood posts


CarbonSync®  services include:

  • Arborist services
    • Tree falling
    • Tree pruning
    • Tree removal
    • Tree chipping
    • Tree planting
    • Tree climbing
    • Stump grinding
    • Mulching
    • Organic matter composting
    • Logging
    • Lumber production and processing
    • Tree nurseries
    • Tree renting
    • Firewood processing
    • Biofuel processing
  • Forest Conservation
    • Habitat consulting and restoration
  • Carbon sequestration
    • Carbon neutral consulting
    • Organic carbon accounting
    • Carbon footprint accounting
    • Sequestering carbon
    • Sales of carbon credits
  • Consulting on all of the above

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