Carbonsync® Biochar Soil

Carbonsync®  converts tree and wood waste into biochar, an environmentally friendly soil amendment that sequesters carbon. This is one of the most environmentally friendly products on the planet.

Enduring carbon sequestration

CarbonSync®  biochar returns atmospheric carbon into  carbon material that improves soil. The production of one tonne of biochar removes from Earth’s atmosphere three tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e), or 3 carbon credits. Biochar sequesters carbon in a stable form that revitalizes life. This is a tangible carbon offset that you can see and touch.

Mixed with compost and added to your garden’s soil, biochar will improve your garden’s productivity by up to 20%. The carbon locked into biochar remains out of the atmosphere for hundreds to thousands of years.

After the holidays we process all cut Christmas trees into biochar. These trees have spent up to 7 years sequestering carbon and other greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Biochar lets us keep it out for hundreds to thousands of years longer than any other option. This makes our trees the greenest option. That piece of coal in your stocking is now a good thing, capable of reversing global warming!

Whether you are naughty or nice this year, consider CarbonSync™ biochar the perfect gift.

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Let’s save our forests!

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